After 20 months as a STAY AT HOME DAD, I have been struggling to get to the gym. I contacted my old college Football coach- Joe Hadachek last week. He has been involved with Advcare since 1998.

Today is my firstday taking Advocare…wow! I had a great workout. I had not been to the gym in over 2 weeks. Today I had a great workout I was focused and was eagerly searched out different lifts that have not been in my daily routine in years!

I can feel a difference in my recovery, and energy level. I did not spend all day craving sweets and thinking about food! I can’t believe I have only taken product for a day and feel stronger, encouraged, and challenged.

Am I skeptical of the “opportunity” – Yes if you have been pitched Amway, as I have in the past – who would not be a little skeptical. BUT if the products continue to make me feel this great – you may have to hold me down and throw some tape on my mouth to shut me up!

Opportunities can come in many forms – right now – today- I am taking to the the opportunity to make wise choices, eat better, and excercise more. If I can spend more time with my family, provide more income, and help others reach their health and financial goals then- sign me up!

Blessings to you – kjw

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