School started, ready for skinny jeans? Start the 24 Day Challenge – jumpstart your weightloss!

Are you ready to get back in a routine…school started but your weightloss has not!  Want to make sure you fit into your jeans this fall! Better yet…want to have to buy new skinny jeans!

Average weightloss 8-20 lbs and you will be shocked by the inches you can shed. Click here to order today! Small changes. BIG RESULTS!


My latest 24 Day Challenge(September2010) again helped me lean out and tone-up! This 24 Day Challenged has again impacted my food choices and helped me feel and look better! I was in better shape when I began this challenge (Thank you CrossfitDesMoines) This latest challenge resulted in 6lbs weightloss…which I am sure included some muscle gain. I had to buy a new belt during the last week of the challenge! I remember after my freshman year in college going up to 36 inch jeans…it feels better going down to 36 in waist than going up…had to buy some new clothes…so long 38’s.  I did not measure total inches(do not take the challenge without documenting your starting inches!) I know I lost inches in waist and midsection. Another great 24 Day Challenge!

October 2009 results – 24 Days, 16 lbs and 10.5 inches…

Take the 24 Day Challenge

If you want to jumpstart your weight loss without sabotaging your metabolism or doing a fad diet then the 24 day challenge may be for you! Learn to eat healthy, in the right amounts and the right portions while taking world class supplements to fill in nutritional gaps and increase effectiveness of results. No fads, just nutrition!

Gain Energy, lose body fat, maintain lean muscle and improve your health in only 24 days.

Average weight loss 8 to 20 pounds in 24 days!!

FEEL the results, SEE the results, SHARE the results!

Click on blue Phases below to see program do’s and don’ts…

Cleanse Phase Program – Phase 1- Day by day chart for Cleanse phase(first ten days) Don’t be alarmed this is a gentle cleanse to detox your body from the junk you were eating. There should be no running to the bathroom or embarrassing mishaps. It is NOT that type of cleanse. The document explains when to take product, what not to eat, and how to maximize the 10 Day Cleanse. Following the plan may determine how the cleanse works for you, you can do it…it’s only 10 days!

MNS Max Phase for 24day challenge – Phase 2 – Day by day chart for Max phase(Day 10-24). Maintain healthy eating and add exercise to MAX this plan! Add Spark or Slim to help with cravings and boost your energy!

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