Choose a Simple Plan for You

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24 Day Challenge • in 24 MINUTES you will FEEL the difference • in 24 HOURS you will KNOW the difference! • in 24 DAYS you will SEE the difference!

Lean in 13 • What is the Lean in 13 Program? You will use your AdvoCare products (as usual) and then apply a specific eating plan for the course of 13 days. This just makes your body burn fat FASTER! It is intended for the person who is willing to follow a  13-day eating plan and who really wants fast results.
You may want to complete the 10-day “prep” phase before doing Lean in 13 to detox first! This can be
helpful to getting even BETTER results.

Core 4 • Not sure about this?  Only want to spend around $100 and get started before Christmas? This Core 4 Kit will jump start you weightloss.

3 thoughts on “Choose a Simple Plan for You

  1. Using the 24 day challenge….I am down 13 lbs in 10 days! Exciting changes taking place. Great products are impacting my weightloss…my story…my health!
    Think Thin. Win Big…Join me in the adventure! Grace and Peace.Keith

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